POLL RESULTS as of 6/21/2011
DRESS CODE-----Semi-Formal/Cocktail--think going out to dinner type of clothes :)

POLL RESULTS as of 5/5/2011
Planning committee will start getting details together--
If you have suggestions or want to help--PLEASE EMAIL jessicageorge@cox.net


Friday, July 29th---Meet and Greet
7pm-until--- Oar House
1000 South Pace Boulevard
Dress: Casual
*Free Beer and light appetizers for wristband/ticket holders.  Full menu available.

Saturday, July 30th--Family Day
10am-1pm---Pensacola Beach Pavillons near Ft. Pickens entrance
*BYO--Food and Drink and Towels!

Saturday, July 30th--Reunion Mixer
8pm-midnight (tentative time)--- 5eleven  511 S. Palafox (Old Trader Jon's)
Dress:  Business Casual/Dinner Dress
*Dinner Buffet, DJ, and cash bar


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LOOK WHO IS ATTENDING!<--if you paid and you don't see your name on here, please email jessicageorge@cox.net  See you all VERY soon!

  1. Dallas Sterns and Guest /Betty Sterns
  2. Jessica (Fiesta) George and Guest/Matt George
  3. Michelle Fulford
  4. David Ramsey
  5. Katherine Berry
  6. Jennifer Agerton
  7. Jon Decker
  8. Christina (Creahan) Tyrell and Guest/Stason Tyrrell
  9. Kristine Schreiber
  10. Katrina (Deas) Suggs
  11.  Lisa (Morrison) Spears and Guest/Stephen Spears
  12. Stanley Zylowski and Guest/Mary Zylowski
  13.  Raphaela (Yanik) and Guest/Keith Harris
  14.  Josh Ballay
  15. Omar Issac
  16. Dee (Faucett) Vallee and Guest/Jason Vallee
  17. Kathy (Guy) Watson and Guest/Robby Watson
  18.  Mike Brown
  19.  April Engel
  20. Vicenta (Birthright) Montgomery
  21. Eliud Torres and Guest/Angela Torres
  22. Tara Cleveland
  23. LeAnna (Stroyick) Foster and Guest/Terry Foster
  24. Carlo Manrique
  25. Glenda (Kaibigan) DeBarge and Guest/Derek Debarge
  26. Fern (Bersabal) Mabery and Guest/Jim Mabrey
  27. Kellie (Stewart) Blakey and Guest/Brooks Blakey
  28. Amy (DelSignore) Woodward
  29.  Riza Ayson and Guest/Jeff Lovin
  30. Kara (Griffith) Leon and Guest/Josh Boone
  31. Dena Rigby
  32. Robin (Morgan) Gorski
  33. Lance Vargas and Guest/Romy Lynne Vargas
  34. Ronald Busnee and Guest/Jamie Henson
  35. Renee (Mathis) Hall and Guest/Brent Hall
  36.  Jason Summers
  37. Carrie Meredith
  38. Chris Coats
  39. Laura Coats
  40. Michelle (Riendeau) Jones and Guest/Brian Haynes
  41. Maria (Batts) Camper and Guest/Thomas Camper
  42. Ronnie Rivera and Guest/Christal Bell
  43. Catherine Merritt
  44. Michael Freeman and Guest/Lisa Freeman
  45. Melodee (DelaCruz) Wyatt and Guest/David Wyatt
  46. Kay Norred
  47. Sean Anderson
  48. Kevin Dorobek and Guest/Kasi Dorobek
  49. Rolande Lewis
  50. Teesha (Caminiti) Johnson and Guest/Steve Johnson
  51. Alicia (McCreary) Waters and Guest/Ronald Waters
  52. Michelle (Reedy) Jones and Guest/Craig Kynard
  53. Angela (Amargo) Malsch and Guest/Bill Malsch
  54. Edward Nodhurft and Guest/Danielle Nodhturft (class of 92-guests of the Blakey’s)
  55. Eric Bosso and Guest/
  56. Misty (Hollis) Pardue and Guest/Chris Pardue
  57. Retzel (Sodusta) O’Brien and Guest/David O'Brien
  58. Kelly Bland
  59. Jerson Daganzo and Guest/Minnie Daganzo
  60. Ashley (Nichols) Murray
Not paid ticket but attending:

Ø      Christi (Stewart) McDonald

Ø      Cassandra (Cardwell) Allen

Ø      Ashley (Nichols) Murray –Friday night only--Ticket PAID :)

Tammy (Straughn) Baker--Saturday night only